Public Safety Spectrum Trust


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the PSST and who are the board members?
Who determined the composition of the PSST board?
What is the difference between the PSST and the PSBL?
How will the PSST incorporate the needs of local public safety representatives?
Knowing that the PSST board members all have outside responsibilities, will there be sufficient staff resources dedicated to this complex and critical initiative?
Why is this network needed for public safety?
How much will it cost to build the network?
Per the FCC Order, when will the network reach 99.3% population coverage? Which markets will roll out first?
Are local public safety agencies obliged to use the network?
What happens to the money that has already gone into interoperability and public safety communications?
Should local public safety communities begin planning now for this network?
How can local and state public safety agencies request a meeting with the PSST to discuss the impact of this network on their community?
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